Close your eyes and put your trust in me,
I could never lead you wrong or hurt you,
Let me paint a picture for you,
One that will go with you in all your days,
will you trust me?

Drink deeply of the air
Feel the breeze wash over your body,
Smell the moist, ocean air,
Hear the water?
Can you feel it licking at your feet?
The surf pounds so hard on the cliff walls,
The sound is like a great heartbeat
Can you hear it?

Listen to the soft call of the seabirds,
Hear the splash as they break the surface of the water
Their wings stretched out to help them glide
Can you see them?

The sun sets over the water
It turns the waves from blue, to purple, to fuchsia, to red
The sky changes too.
Blue to orange, to red, to black

The stars have come out.
Open your eyes and gaze into mine,
Can you see the image I have painted?

Born in Hawai`i. Ethnic Hawaiian. Multi-Racial. Child of the 70’s. Teen of the 80’s. Survivor of child and adult rape and domestic abuse. Daughter of a U.S. Marine. Served in the U.S. Army. College Educated. Obsessed with the sky. Private Pilot. Single Mom. Divorced. Dreamer. Optimistic to a fault. Chronic “smiler.”

Media Sightings

Photo: Karl Gehring, Denver Post
Posted: November 28, 2010
Dispelled kidnap myths do little to allay parents’ fears – by Kevin Simpson, Denver Post
Zyola T. Mix grew up in the 1980s hearing warnings about stranger danger, seeing milk cartons bearing the faces of the lost and feeling “abject fear of the white van” — because news accounts of children gone missing invariably seemed to include that haunting detail. more…


Mile High Flyers Podcast Episode 20A
August 22, 2010, Centennial Airport (KAPA)

Filmed, edited and produced by Mike Daniels during the first Face to Face meeting of all the Mile High Flyers Podcasters as we played in the N1279M Hangar. This was also the day of the very first ever General Aviation flight of my daughter. She had a BLAST!


Photo: Bruce Asato, Honolulu Advertiser
Posted: November 7, 2001
Mililani High encourages girls to go high-tech
Zyola Mix, a drafter at Science & Technology International, demonstrates use of the AutoCAD program to Mililani High School students Erica Salvador, foreground, and Haley Yamamoto during the girls’ visit to the company’s downtown offices for Job Shadowing Day. more…