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In regards to Blackface…

In regards to Blackface…

As recently as 2000, I was working for a company that hosted annual Halloween Costume Contests. That year the Caucasian CEO dressed up as an “Arab” and darkened his skin. A Caucasian administrative assistant dressed as Tina Turner and darkened her skin.

I was still quite new to the company and not in a position where I felt empowered to speak up. The CEO was also not the type of “gentleman” who took comments easily. Continue reading

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Dear Strong Sister

Dear Strong Sister, We hear you. Do you hear us? You made a choice not to join in the Women’s March…We did not join together because we are weak, or victims. Like you, dear sister, we are Strong. We have a voice. We have control over our bodies. We can defend ourselves and our families. We also are reaping the benefits of those who came before us. This was not why we marched. Are you listening? Continue reading

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Oath Keeper

At 19 years old, I heard the call of MY country and proudly took the oath of enlistment. I served proudly and when it was time to accept my discharge papers, I did so naively and with trepidation. I remember … Continue reading

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I Went. I Saw. I Heard. The President of the United States

Monday morning, October 24, 2011 it was announced, President Barrack Obama, current president of the United States of America, would be visiting the Auraria Campus in Denver, Colorado where I attend school. It was also announced that tickets would be … Continue reading

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Fit to Fly: So the drama…

I did it! FINALLY got my Airman’s Medical Certificate. Now I have a shiny new, First Class Medical, again. WAHOO!!! But just like most things in life, it was not without it’s little dramas. I was lucky enough to come … Continue reading

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You Might Be a Political Idiot if…

With another election season beginning to churn the soil to seek creepy crawlies and release methane from the composted midden heap our political arena has become. And with the intent of growing a new crop of beautiful and intoxicating poppies … Continue reading

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Amendment Abuse… Again

Let me preface my opinion today, with a little background of how I see things. Today is Veteran’s Day. A day, we as a nation and a people,  take a moment to honor and appreciate the courage, sacrifices and on-going … Continue reading

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I Needed a Vacation, so I Joined the Army

Again, going through old photos, I came across two from my training days in the Army. Hopefully, I’ll find more to share. It was so long ago.       Daughter of a Marine. Praised many times as being an … Continue reading

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God Bless our Veterans on this day of Recognition

I am solemnly proud to have shared the honor with so many who answered the call to serve our nation. I am forever grateful for those who have held the watch, supportive of those now holding the watch, and am … Continue reading

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Happy 234th Birthday U.S. Marines!

OOH-RAH! Happy 234th Birthday Marines! Semper Fi! You are appreciated every moment of every day for answering the call. Thank you.

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