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In regards to Blackface…

In regards to Blackface…

As recently as 2000, I was working for a company that hosted annual Halloween Costume Contests. That year the Caucasian CEO dressed up as an “Arab” and darkened his skin. A Caucasian administrative assistant dressed as Tina Turner and darkened her skin.

I was still quite new to the company and not in a position where I felt empowered to speak up. The CEO was also not the type of “gentleman” who took comments easily. Continue reading

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Sometimes Sushi is just Sushi. Racism is Sneaky

Was mistaken for a racist today in a group of people when I said “Bring her sushi and red wine and she’ll be happy.” At the time everyone was joking about how to bribe¬†a new employee¬†but the laughter stopped when … Continue reading

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Perception and Friendships

Found myself wasting time today trying to convince a friend that there was a difference in perception between his view of the world and mine and that not only was it logical to have different views, but that it was … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Dream?

I am living Reverend King’s dream and as such, I am inspired to dream. I have a dream. It is a dream inspired by King before I was born, and now charged with my own spirit. It is a dream … Continue reading

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I may be crazy

Today, migraine and all, I decided to attend the I-News “Losing Ground” panel discussion at my school, Metropolitan State University of Denver, between classes. (Yes, I’m one of the odd people who is still technically functional while suffering a migraine. … Continue reading

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Meeting The Queen of BAD ASS

The most significant thing that happened to me this week was getting the chance to listen to, meet and briefly speak with the Queen of BAD ASS, Pam Grier. She was at the Tivoli Turnhalle in Denver for the”Bridges” talk … Continue reading

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Wrong is Just Wrong: The Hawaiian Peace Sign

Now, truthfully, I don’t care about “the finger.” Watching sports means things like that will happen. To be offended by it, would just be silly. What I am offended by is the flippant remark made by, Kevin Harlan, the announcer. … Continue reading

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Some Will Just Never Understand

I stumbled across this blog post in the wake of Senator Reid’s, in my humble opinion, ignorantly racist comments. I was shocked and yet not when I heard what he said in regards to President Obama and his chances of … Continue reading

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Why I can NOT sympathize with the Extreme

Again, the “Socially Irresponsible” are screaming & whining like banshees over what they perceive to be an affront to all that is good and green in our great nation. Failure of all acts by any means necessary is what they … Continue reading

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