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Yes! I Want Free Lunch!

I’m all for free undergraduate college education. After all, it has the potential to be a valuable investment in our country’s future and it sounds great coming from politicians begging for the vote of the first time voters and parents … Continue reading

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FREE to just BE

Today marks SEVEN Years since the judge signed my Dissolution of Marriage Orders. Seven years since I became the sole, physical and legal guardian of my daughter with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. Seven years since the meaning of … Continue reading

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Becoming Visible

Sunday morning, I was browsing through The Denver Post, looking for sales and coupons when I came across an editorial that grabbed me and didn’t let go. “Trying to Live, Trying to Learn.” I read it with deep emotion and … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Dream?

I am living Reverend King’s dream and as such, I am inspired to dream. I have a dream. It is a dream inspired by King before I was born, and now charged with my own spirit. It is a dream … Continue reading

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Not bad, just sometimes harder

Ugh. Suddenly feeling like a bad mom for no real good reason. Just listening to stories and seeing happy travel pictures of people I know, that have been able to take their kids places like Disney World, Paris and even … Continue reading

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Mistaken for a “Man-Hater”

Once again, I have been labeled a “man-hater” and now some people seem to think that I am raising my young daughter to hate men as well. NEITHER BELIEF IS TRUE! First, I do love MEN. I thoroughly dislike BOYS. … Continue reading

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94 Minutes of Drama and Lessons

MY PHONE WAS STOLEN!!!!! It was actually STOLEN!! A theft of opportunity, but a theft no less. More incredible is that I got it back with little time for the thief to damage or hack it. Even MORE INCREDIBLE is … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe the Hype

Yesterday, you came home from school and told me that you couldn’t fly helicopters. When I asked why, you said the boys in your class said, “Only boys fly. Girls can’t fly.” We sat down and I showed you the … Continue reading

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Panties on the Playground

Will someone PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY little girls don’t wear shorts under their skirts anymore?!?! I never see a boys underwear as these children play, crawl, climb, wrestle, tickle, jump and generally get active. But guaranteed, every time I go to … Continue reading

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An Odd Event

So, my daughter and I were at Target getting cleaning supplies and batteries when I decided to let her play in the toy section. She wanted to play with a Mickey Ride On Airplane and was so excited at the … Continue reading

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