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Naturally Me. A Hair Raising Expose

Since returning to the Mainland, I’ve suffered culture shock in many ways. Things from foods, the way people talk and even something as simple as the meaning of a smile. Who knew that a compulsive smiler could cause a near … Continue reading

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Mele Kalikimaka Tom Cat Fun

Recently I upgraded my phone and in the process of learning it, my daughter and I had to spend some time just playing with it. We discovered the free Talking Tom Cat app. She was cracking up at how he … Continue reading

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Wrong is Just Wrong: The Hawaiian Peace Sign

Now, truthfully, I don’t care about “the finger.” Watching sports means things like that will happen. To be offended by it, would just be silly. What I am offended by is the flippant remark made by, Kevin Harlan, the announcer. … Continue reading

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Da Night Bafo Christmas – Hawaiian Style

Was da night bafo’ Christmas, and all ova’ da place, Not even da geckos was showin’ their face. Da stockings was hangin’ on top da TV (‘Cause no mo’ fireplace in Hawai’i ) Da kids stay all crashed, my old … Continue reading

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