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Releasing a Breath

My anxiety has been in uncharted territory. But today, as I sat and soaked in the moment, my heart began to soar again and the breath I’ve been holding for four years began to release. Continue reading

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Dear Strong Sister

Dear Strong Sister, We hear you. Do you hear us? You made a choice not to join in the Women’s March…We did not join together because we are weak, or victims. Like you, dear sister, we are Strong. We have a voice. We have control over our bodies. We can defend ourselves and our families. We also are reaping the benefits of those who came before us. This was not why we marched. Are you listening? Continue reading

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Don’t Believe the Hype

Yesterday, you came home from school and told me that you couldn’t fly helicopters. When I asked why, you said the boys in your class said, “Only boys fly. Girls can’t fly.” We sat down and I showed you the … Continue reading

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Is it really JUST a name?

This afternoon, I made the long drive out East to the FAA offices at Denver International Airport to have my name changed on my Airmen’s Certificate. It’s hard to explain, but as I drove… and drove… and drove… I began … Continue reading

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