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Mistaken for a “Man-Hater”

Once again, I have been labeled a “man-hater” and now some people seem to think that I am raising my young daughter to hate men as well. NEITHER BELIEF IS TRUE! First, I do love MEN. I thoroughly dislike BOYS. … Continue reading

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It’s no joke

Today’s weekly grocery shopping began relatively normal. Surprisingly we scored a parking space near the store and successfully dodged saying “No, thank you” to the Cub Scouts selling popcorn. We even got a clean cart without cuckoo wheels. As always, … Continue reading

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A Woman Should NEVER Beg

Once again I find myself more than willing to offer comfort to a friend in need. One friend’s new boyfriend has left her wondering what she did wrong and why he won’t even give her the courtesy of a real … Continue reading

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I Don’t need a man

Lately, it seems more and more people in my world feel I “need” a man in my life. I’ve begun to wonder if maybe my friends are beginning to feel pity for my single life. I don’t know why, and … Continue reading

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Facing the Music ~ Caution: Extreme subject

I wrote this in one quick venting session with the intent to post it and forget it. However, once it was done, I debated on posting it. Who would get angry? Who would run away from me? Who would tell … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence and the Wrong Question

I have lived through domestic violence. I grew up in a home where it was a daily occurrence. I was subjected to the attentions of a man who should have known better. Against my better judgment, I still found myself … Continue reading

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I grew up in a home of Domestic Violence. I married a man who seemed enlightened but turned out to be a psycho/sociopath. When the violence and abuse was finally known to people, the worst thing they did was to … Continue reading

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A Night to Remember – “Double” Date

I was recently browsing through photos and came across a group of photos from a dance I went to while at Colorado State University in 1992. I attended this dance every year I was there. This was the night I … Continue reading

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The Frustration of “IT”

I don’t know what IT is. I’ve been told I’ve got IT. I’ve been told I couldn’t find IT with a bloodhound and a GPS. Whatever IT is, I truly do wish that I could bottle it up and store … Continue reading

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True Love Doesn’t Hurt…

Life is full of enough pain, sorrow and anguish. Love should not make you feel either of these. It’s simple but hard to understand. Love should raise you up. Make you complete. Bring a smile to your face at inappropriate … Continue reading

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