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Every now and again, a memory is sparked, or a feeling reignited. Stories and pictures from days gone by. I may not always remember names, but I remember the story. Take a trip down my “Memory Lane.” with me.

In regards to Blackface…

In regards to Blackface…

As recently as 2000, I was working for a company that hosted annual Halloween Costume Contests. That year the Caucasian CEO dressed up as an “Arab” and darkened his skin. A Caucasian administrative assistant dressed as Tina Turner and darkened her skin.

I was still quite new to the company and not in a position where I felt empowered to speak up. The CEO was also not the type of “gentleman” who took comments easily. Continue reading

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Oath Keeper

At 19 years old, I heard the call of MY country and proudly took the oath of enlistment. I served proudly and when it was time to accept my discharge papers, I did so naively and with trepidation. I remember … Continue reading

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FREE to just BE

Today marks SEVEN Years since the judge signed my Dissolution of Marriage Orders. Seven years since I became the sole, physical and legal guardian of my daughter with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. Seven years since the meaning of … Continue reading

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Nothing Special – Chapter 1 Teaser

An excerpt from my 2014 NaNoWriMo novel. I made the 50k word mark by November 28, 2014. Now I’m in edit mode. I’ll post a few teasers here, from time to time as I get them “edited” and feel comfortable … Continue reading

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It’s no joke

Today’s weekly grocery shopping began relatively normal. Surprisingly we scored a parking space near the store and successfully dodged saying “No, thank you” to the Cub Scouts selling popcorn. We even got a clean cart without cuckoo wheels. As always, … Continue reading

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Meeting The Queen of BAD ASS

The most significant thing that happened to me this week was getting the chance to listen to, meet and briefly speak with the Queen of BAD ASS, Pam Grier. She was at the Tivoli Turnhalle in Denver for the”Bridges” talk … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of an Island Girl 2010 in review

Wow. This is a neat tool, I didn’t have before at my last blog home. It’s nice to see that I did well this year for a silly little personal blog. Mahalo to all my readers for helping make 2010 … Continue reading

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I Needed a Vacation, so I Joined the Army

Again, going through old photos, I came across two from my training days in the Army. Hopefully, I’ll find more to share. It was so long ago.       Daughter of a Marine. Praised many times as being an … Continue reading

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A Night to Remember – “Double” Date

I was recently browsing through photos and came across a group of photos from a dance I went to while at Colorado State University in 1992. I attended this dance every year I was there. This was the night I … Continue reading

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