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This is a journal of sorts written at significant steps during my journey to becoming a pilot. It’s not written in story form, but rather as letters describing my adventures. The feelings are true, and the excitement is real. Each event was momentous to me and burned into my memory. I have to write and share with all who would read.

Private Pilot’s Certificate – 2003
– Airplane Single Engine Land
– Visual Flight Rules

AOPA – Joined 2003
Women In Aviation – Joined 2003
FAA Wings – Joined 2004
Air Safety Foundation – Joined 2005
Ninety-Nines – Joined 2005
EAA – Joined 2009
Girls With Wings – Joined 2010

Another Endeavor

Silence on my part has not been without reason. I’ve been busy. I started school on August 22nd and so did “Mini-me.” For me, this semester is quite involved. Lot’s of homework, lot’s of studying and an exciting project where … Continue reading

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Fit to Fly: So the drama…

I did it! FINALLY got my Airman’s Medical Certificate. Now I have a shiny new, First Class Medical, again. WAHOO!!! But just like most things in life, it was not without it’s little dramas. I was lucky enough to come … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of an Island Girl 2010 in review

Wow. This is a neat tool, I didn’t have before at my last blog home. It’s nice to see that I did well this year for a silly little personal blog. Mahalo to all my readers for helping make 2010 … Continue reading

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Dream Killer – Running from Aviation

I attended a Holiday party recently where I met a FORMER pilot. Not really that unusual, but what was unusual was his attitude about flying. His whole world was aviation. He said he ate, drank, slept and breathed it. His … Continue reading

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Helicopter Barbie

Yes, that’s right. Barbie is now officially RATED to fly a helicopter. The folks at Mattel and Barbie’s agents have come to an “agreement” that Barbie can PUBLICLY do more than lay on the beach, ride ponies and swim like … Continue reading

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BUFF’s Final Flight, A B-52’s Final Duty Station

I’ve been excited to watch the raising of the venerable B-52 that sits outside of the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. This beautiful bird has sat almost “forgotten” between two hangars, behind chain link fences. Visitors to … Continue reading

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Toddler’s First Supervised Solo Flight…

Date: September 27, 2010, 11:16 AM Aircraft Type: Kite Aircraft Ident: KYT02 Route of Flight: From: Southmoor Park, Denver To: Southmoor Park, Denver Remarks & Endorsements: First Supervised Solo Flight Total Duration of Flight: 90 seconds (approx.) Yes, my three-year … Continue reading

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A Look in the Mirror

The view in the mirror isn’t always what’s expected. Several weeks ago, I was graced with the awareness of an inspiring woman, Karlene Petitt. I was introduced to her via the Airplane Geeks Podcast. I listened to her banter back … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Year Makes

One year and ten weeks ago, I made an attempt to start over in the great state of Texas. I quickly discovered it wasn’t a good fit. So with the help of another Sister-Friend, I once again packed my daughter, … Continue reading

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An Odd Event

So, my daughter and I were at Target getting cleaning supplies and batteries when I decided to let her play in the toy section. She wanted to play with a Mickey Ride On Airplane and was so excited at the … Continue reading

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