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Mission Statement
“To provide opportunities for women to experience the adventures life has to offer.”

The story of the Amazon Woman became legendary as Greek history passed into Mythology.

As the Greeks moved across the Asian Continent, they encountered a matriarchal society of Warrior Women. These women were strong willed and did not subscribe to the tenets of defense as a mans job. They were self sufficient, courageous and commanded equal respect from the men. The Greeks having never met women with such strength of character and being, were naturally intrigued by the multiple tribes of Women living as warriors. According to legends, a tribe of Amazon Woman fought for Troy in the Trojan War.

Many stories abound regarding how the Amazons lived, the most famous falsehood being that they cut off one breast in order to shoot their arrows as a man. However, history has shown that the true Amazons that birthed the legends were not women who despised men nor wished to be men. They were women who enjoyed being women. They did not see themselves as less than a man as Greek society expected. Instead they fought for their beliefs, stood up to adversity, demanded equality, raised families, made laws, defended their homes and sought adventure activities.

In keeping on the true Amazon path, the Amazon Nation provides opportunities for women to enjoy what adventure life has to offer. The activities that are organized are not average “Girl Day” events. They have included Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Deep Sea Fishing, Spelunking, ATV and Motorcycle rides and Weapons Fire to name a few.

These events are organized by women, for women. No men are allowed. From, stay at home moms and teachers to doctors and scientists; from Europe, North America and Asia, women of all ages, all walks of life and all cultures have attended these events. The bond of “Sisterfriend” that is created is something that can not be described but must be experienced.

The Amazon Nation welcomes you to join us. For more information on Past, Current and Future Amazon events, check the Amazon Events page. And remember it’s all about “Living the Amazon Within.”

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Dear Strong Sister

Dear Strong Sister, We hear you. Do you hear us? You made a choice not to join in the Women’s March…We did not join together because we are weak, or victims. Like you, dear sister, we are Strong. We have a voice. We have control over our bodies. We can defend ourselves and our families. We also are reaping the benefits of those who came before us. This was not why we marched. Are you listening? Continue reading

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Oath Keeper

At 19 years old, I heard the call of MY country and proudly took the oath of enlistment. I served proudly and when it was time to accept my discharge papers, I did so naively and with trepidation. I remember … Continue reading

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What’s Next For Me?

I did it! I graduated! With Honors, even. I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Operations and Space Commercialization with a Minor in Mechanical Engineering. (It was supposed to be a simple degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering. The classes … Continue reading

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Mistaken for a “Man-Hater”

Once again, I have been labeled a “man-hater” and now some people seem to think that I am raising my young daughter to hate men as well. NEITHER BELIEF IS TRUE! First, I do love MEN. I thoroughly dislike BOYS. … Continue reading

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Naturally Me. A Hair Raising Expose

Since returning to the Mainland, I’ve suffered culture shock in many ways. Things from foods, the way people talk and even something as simple as the meaning of a smile. Who knew that a compulsive smiler could cause a near … Continue reading

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Meeting The Queen of BAD ASS

The most significant thing that happened to me this week was getting the chance to listen to, meet and briefly speak with the Queen of BAD ASS, Pam Grier. She was at the Tivoli Turnhalle in Denver for the”Bridges” talk … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of an Island Girl 2010 in review

Wow. This is a neat tool, I didn’t have before at my last blog home. It’s nice to see that I did well this year for a silly little personal blog. Mahalo to all my readers for helping make 2010 … Continue reading

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And a name was given…

Back in the summer of 1992 while attending college in Colorado, I grew tired of the excuses my friends gave me for why they did not hike, swim, kayak, ride horses or bikes. The majority of excuses were because the … Continue reading

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13th Annual Amazon Day – June 18, 2005

Saturday, June 18th, I convened the 13th Annual Amazon Day, a day of women only adventuring. This was also the first year with event shirts. More than half the women had Amazon Day shirts and the others were planning on getting them. … Continue reading

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