Another Endeavor

Silence on my part has not been without reason. I’ve been busy. I started school on August 22nd and so did “Mini-me.” For me, this semester is quite involved. Lot’s of homework, lot’s of studying and an exciting project where I get to launch a BalloonSat to 100,000′ up in the atmosphere perform atmospheric experiments and hopefully take some pretty pictures. Aside from the team I was assigned to complete the project with, it feels like a great opportunity to learn something new.

I also started working part-time, about 12 hours a week at a Flight Simulation Lab. Pretty fun actually. I still don’t feel like I’m doing a whole lot of anything but at least I’m filling out the forms and submitting data for review. Plus I get the chance to fly the simulators nearly every day. Can’t beat that. More time to perfect my cockpit skills. It’s not a great salary, but it is an income. Plus I really enjoy just being back in the world of Aviation with people who “get” my passion.

Also, September marked another break out for me. I began a new podcast. “The BoXX Office.” It’s a little different from other podcasts in its genre, but I think with a little patience I can make it just as well accepted. Of course it is an aviation podcast, but it focuses solely on what women are doing in aviation and aerospace. I’ve gotten some flack from guys about my focus, but the truth is, this podcast isn’t really focused on a man’s needs. It’s all about celebrating and encouraging women to view the fields of aviation and aerospace as open, vibrant, and welcoming. Too often, aviation and aerospace feel like a “boys club,” that it’s not surprising young girls don’t consider the various roles they can play within. I hope to eventually use this platform as a way to expose and encourage women to “just try it.”

I am hoping to release one 30 minute episode a month focusing on a different type of “plane Jane” and how her job or persona fits and can be inspiring or informative to other young girls or women looking for something to fill a dream.The 30 minute format seems to work better with the way women who do listen to podcasts manage time. Often as women, we are insanely busy and can only give a single task or action no more than 30 minutes, sometimes only 15 minutes. For that reason alone, I intend to keep the podcast shorter than 35 minutes and as close to 30 minutes as possible.

My first two episodes have been released and are gaining some good attention. My first was an interview with Hall of Fame legend, Emily Howell Warner, and the second with the comforting voice of Stephanie Rust, from Denver Air Traffic Control. Additionally on the line up is a former NASA trainer, an Airplane Mechanic, an aviation writer, and a wing walker. The hardest part now, is trying to get the time to do the interviews and edit each podcast. But I’m having fun and learning quite a bit doing it. Probably the most fun about it, besides the interviews, is trying to find new ways to put in movie and film references as well as sounds. I am definitely going to play off the Hollywood “box office” standard. It adds a little something extra, I don’t think people were expecting when they saw the name.

I do hope that I can keep The BoXX Office going. It is my hope that eventually other women will want to join in and do interviews with women in their area. The BoXX Office will be a platform for them to use to get the stories out.

In the meantime, I promise not to neglect my personal blog. It’s just been extremely difficult with the current semester. Also, I am unsure if I’ll be able to participate yet in NaNoWriMo this year, but I’ll open my account again and hopefully  post some words if not a full novel.

If anything, I’m keeping myself out of trouble with all my endeavors, but I must say “The BoXX Office is a fun challenge that I’m enjoying. I hope if you are able, you can give me a chance by listening to the first or second episode. I really look forward to feedback more than stats, but I’ll take the stats over nothing.

Still yet, overall, I’m doing good.

About Supovadea

Single Mom, Certified Rocket Scientist & Aerospace Engineer, Private Pilot, Amazon, Dancer, Writer, Eternal Optimist, Survivor, Dreamer, 2,910 NM ENE of where I belong.
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2 Responses to Another Endeavor

  1. Capt. Yaw says:

    Well done! I am sure that at some point, especially if Karlene makes it to Ghana, you can get some interviews with Patricia and the girls from the ONLY 99 club in Africa…. (I could do the interview, but that would defeat the objective….

    Keep on working hard towards the goal, the runway may seem long and the take off roll unending but keep the throttle in and enough back-pressure on the stick (not too much) and you will surely find that take off is on its way…. all a matter of momentum!

    • Supovadea says:

      Mahalo for the support. I’d love to get an interview. Maybe we can Skype it someday. Please feel free to send me any news or updates. I can always share them on the podcast.

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