Panties on the Playground

Washington Park Playground, Denver, Colorado

Will someone PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY little girls don’t wear shorts under their skirts anymore?!?! I never see a boys underwear as these children play, crawl, climb, wrestle, tickle, jump and generally get active. But guaranteed, every time I go to the playground, or take my preschooler to school, there is always a girl running around holding her skirt up to show her panty, or rolling on the floor showing her panty, or climbing and showing her panty.

One boy in my daughter’s class commented on a girl’s panty as pretty and the teacher told him that it was not a nice comment. My question is why didn’t the teacher suggest the parents put shorts on the girl? At that age, boys and girls are not sexual so the boy was not making a sexual comment and was probably confused why he could comment on other clothing but not on panties since he could see it. After all, if you can see a shirt or pants, you can comment on them.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but underwear should not be on display in most situations. The color of a girl’s panty is not supposed to be common knowledge. I understand a lot of skirts and dresses don’t come with shorts attached any more, but that does not prevent me from purchasing a pair that match the dress or skirt for my three-year old. I don’t expect my three-year old to remember to hide her panty as she’s playing. I expect her to have fun. Nor do I want some one looking at her panty.

Is this the new trend? If it is, then I’m definitely going to be raising my daughter to be an individual and not a slave to silly, fashion trends. I’m pretty sure when she gets to regular school, displaying her panty will not be tolerated.

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6 Responses to Panties on the Playground

  1. Well for goodness sakes!!!! My daughter was always REQUIRED to wear shorts under any dresses or skirts thank you very much. I also made it a requirement when I taught preschool (not that it was followed) . I’m with you, I wanted my little girl to ENJOY being a kid while still looking like a cute little “girl” while I had the say so about what she wore. 🙂

    • Supovadea says:

      It’s amazing how many girls don’t wear shorts. I just don’t get it. It’s the creepers that freak me out. But I still remember in Texas when a mom and dad were so happy their 2 year old was out of diapers on the playground they kept telling everyone to look at her panties. Blew my mind. I understand being happy, but still. Seemed so wrong in my world.

  2. Janice says:

    let children be children,don’t impose adult norms and standards on them

    • Supovadea says:

      I agree. Too many adults forgot what it was like to be a kid. As adults we can protect them, but we shouldn’t impose adult reasoning and ideas on a child’s actions.

  3. TD500 says:

    The Underwear is the shorts

  4. Steven Baxter says:

    I have to agree with what she said. My girlfriends daughter used to wear dresses to school and play on the monkey bars showing off her panties everyday until I told her she couldn’t play on them anymore unless she started wearing shorts under her dress. She did and within weeks other parents were doing the same. So speak out parents it’s our job to protect them when they’re young because they don’t know some of the crazy people out there.

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