A Retro Trip: Super 8. A Movie Out of Time

This morning when I awoke, I had a set plan. Finish all my assigned reading and write my “thesis” statement for a research essay. But things didn’t quite work out that way. Instead I found myself calling in to KOSI 101.1 FM, in hopes of scoring free passes to a “sneak preview” of one of this summer’s “predicted” blockbusters, Super 8. Imagine my shock, when on my first call, the phone rang and was answered by a happy DJ.

Now I’m not going to go into detail about the story, if you haven’t heard of it yet, you will. Or you can just click a link and visit the website. However the basics are, it’s the summer of 1979 in a little town in Ohio. A group of friends are working on a super 8 film to enter in a contest and while filming a “substance” scene, they experience something incredible and very scary. There is a big scary “monster” and lots of confusion among the populace as would be expected during the years of “The Cat From Outer Space.”

This is a movie, I think people will either Love or Hate. I saw it by myself on the huge IMAX screen, so I had few distractions. My take on it? I enjoyed it, BUT it’s a full on RETRO kick! All the way back to 1979, in EVERY way but special effects. Heck, they even had people calling foul on the Russians. Almost forgot about when America was comfortable with blatant governmental and political propaganda geared towards children.

The movie was fun. I laughed. Probably more that I should have. It was almost like when I would sneak out to the movies with my friends. As I left the theater, I felt like I should be looking for my bicycle in the rack outside instead of my car in the parking lot. Definitely a movie to see with as many friends as you can muster.

This is a movie that you stay for the credits. Guaranteed you’ll leave with a smile if you do. Or at least a happy smirk.

Only Downside: I wasn’t able to connect with a character. In that sense it wasn’t very 1970-80’s “Spielberg-esque.” But you’ll definitely catch a little E.T. The Extraterrestrial, The Goonies, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind vibe every now and again.

I do recommend the movie. I don’t think I would pay to see it at full price, and the IMAX was cool, but really didn’t add anything special to the show. But it was fun. A definite time warp to summer’s long gone. If you can, go see it. And after, relive a little of the glory days and go have ice cream with all your friends before jumping on your bicycles and pedaling home at break neck speed.


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