Helicopter Barbie

Yes, that’s right. Barbie is now officially RATED to fly a helicopter. The folks at Mattel and Barbie’s agents have come to an “agreement” that Barbie can PUBLICLY do more than lay on the beach, ride ponies and swim like a fish. Now they are going to actually ADVERTISE that Barbie can do more.

Sure we’ve all seen the “New” Barbies in the stores, Snowboard Barbie; Race car Barbie; Computer Engineer Barbie. Well, if you have a daughter, you’ve seen them. 🙂 My three-year old is a proud owner of an “I Can Be…” Space Camp Barbie. Of course it’s still in the box, and I wonder how relevant it’ll be as she gets older with the mothballing of NASA’s space program, but that’s a subject for another time.

My 3-Year Old's as of yet" unopened Barbie

But now, Barbie and Mattel have finally decided to take the “I Can Be…” line to the advertising world “en masse.” A new commercial has just gone “LIVE” in Barbie’s home town of Malibu and is expected to make its way “around the globe.” Well, at least into the homes of every middle class American family that has  a daughter that wants to play with action figures instead of Barbie. I was that girl. I couldn’t figure out what to do with Barbie. Combing her hair, changing her clothes and driving nowhere in her silly little car was just boring to me. Playing with my Star Wars and CHiPs action figures was much more exciting. Poncherello and Han Solo always got into fights over the motorcycles and who could fly the Millennium Falcon, while John and R2D2 saved the day. Those were some epic battles based on what I saw on the screen and what my imagination could make up. But Barbie had a house. A pool. A car and a useless closet of non exciting clothes. Plus I couldn’t even put her in the clothes of my other dolls because she didn’t fit. In the end, my Barbie was forgotten in the dark recesses of my foot locker.

But now Barbie has a new face starting off with the face and dream of Desiree Horton, a helicopter pilot in Los Angeles. I’ve been following Desiree’s blog for about a year now. I found her after my daughter (then 2 years old) told me she wanted to be a helicopter pilot when she grew up. I did a Google search for “Helicopter+Pilot+Woman. She was the first name to pop up and I’m happy to have found her. She has flown for news and traffic and even done some firefighting. She takes some amazing photos of flying along the coast and shares stories about the rare nights where the only voices on the radio are female. I must admit, I’ve never had the experience.

She sounds like an amazing woman, and I do wish someday to have the chance to talk with her and hear all of her stories of flying in the busy airspace she does. She is a powerful woman and has an amazing job. I love that the commercial starts off with her saying “As a little girl, I was always looking up at the sky knowing that one day I want to be up there,” and ends with her flying and the reflection of the view in her face mask. That is a powerful statement for any little girl who dreams of aviation and now can see it in a classic girls child toy. It’s just one more open door for a girl to dream big.

I may still not be a fan of Barbie, but I definitely would love to see Helicopter Barbie in the stores. She’s not listed on the Mattel site yet, but I’m waiting. It would be really cool, too if she had her own chopper to fly around in and perform manuevers. I know I would have had a blast with my Barbie if she came with a helicopter.


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3 Responses to Helicopter Barbie

  1. Supovadea says:

    My friend Michelle C. Torres-Grant posted this picture of “Airline Pilot Barbie” on her Twitpic account. According the the Mattel site, this doll was sold in 1999. Michelle says she did get it over a decade ago. I remember this doll. There were also Flight Attendant Barbies. Strange though, how they are always limited edition. Can’t find the Pilot nor the Flight Attendants on the Mattel site now.

    Why not?  I have #pilot Barbie! She even has a roll aboard su... on Twitpic

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