It’s March 2010 & Where in the World Have I Been?

Okay, okay. I know. It’s been awhile. I’ve been stupid busy, that’s my only excuse. Pretty much right after I sent out my last blog post, my world slowly started to boil over and then finally just exploded March 1st. My employer got the chance to bid on the RTD Light Rail/Commuter Rail projects in Denver, and my work load increased from 40 hours a week to 65. The deadline to get the job done was December 27th. My boss would ask me to “make childcare happen.” I had to work within friends schedules and pay one of her teachers to watch her on the weekends so I could go into work. Almost not worth the expense. I don’t believe my boss knew how much child care, especially off hours child care could cost. And then Rommie got really sick and I was out of work for a week. That prompted him to finally allow me to take home a laptop to do the work. Although he grumped about me not having real internet access, meaning I’d have to use my own laptop to access the multitude of emails he was sending out.

In the end between, December 4th (my birthday) and March 1st, I worked on average 60 hours a week. Some weeks more, some less, but the only week where I worked under 40 was when Rommie was sick. Then I only managed to put in 16 and that was not well received. My mother actually had to take work into the office for me because I couldn’t take Rommie out traveling. Yes, I said MY MOTHER TOOK WORK INTO THE OFFICE.

Anyway, on March 1st, I worked a full day, signed up for training the next week, and was the last person to leave the office, as was the norm. I picked up Rommie from school and was driving home when I got a call from the placement agency. I was being let go and they would appreciate it if I didn’t show up at work on Tuesday. I was FLABBERGASTED! Was I being fired after all that hard work? Was I being fired because I had applied at for a real position? Or was it worse? Was I being fired because the boss man was didn’t want someone who was a single mom and couldn’t devote her entire life to rail? He would tell me he was pleased with how I was able to get the job done, on time or with time to spare. Everyone in the office seemed to enjoy my ability to step in and help with AutoCAD training. But everyday, the one thing that stuck was my love of aviation and my love of family. That was a burr under his skin, I know. He had told me to quit “all this air plane stuff” and get serious. “I know you want to get a pilot’s license, but lets get real.” Yes, that dumbfounded  me. I have said I have a license and yet somehow he missed that. Then he told me “Can’t your mom or your sister watch your daughter, more?” Again, what?!

Either way, I was let go and given a glowing recommendation on my job performance. I’m guessing to make things smoother? My employer went in to collect my personal belongings, which wasn’t much, a picture of Rommie, a calendar, some food stuffs and my time/expense files. Yet they still somehow managed to crack my framed picture of Rommie. Not happy. But two weeks later I found out the company had been sold. Could that have had something to do with my strange dismissal? Drop the temp employees before handing over the keys? Hmmmm.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! I am officially a PUBLISHED AUTHOR, now! During all that drama, I still managed to achieve a life goal of mine. Publication. I was asked to write an article for the Women In Aviation, International “Show Daily” magazine. It’s just a 400 word essay but I’ve gotten some amazing responses from it. I was even gifted a membership in EAA, yes, another aviation organization. Some might argue it’s THE AVIATION ORGANIZATION, but I’ll leave that argument alone. But you can read my article on the WAI  blog by clicking here. Women and men from all over the world read my article and even one or two friends who attended the conference where the “Show Daily” was distributed were surprised to see my face when they got it. Since then, I’ve been asked to keep an ear to the ground and maybe, just maybe, I may be able to write for them again, soon. YAY!

Other than that exciting news, I’ve been scrambling to find any kind of work to pay the bills. I tried to get “quickie” food or retail jobs & failed. Now I’m focusing on getting a real job again that I can do. If you want to know more about the process for me, you can read my latest two blog posts on my Soapbox blog:

For a cute story of Rommie and the magic she has, you should read my blog post An Odd Event. I’ve been told it’s a happy tear jerker, so I apologize already to anyone with eye make up on.

Anyway, back to Rommie. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This girl is talking up a storm and telling me where to go and when to do it. She is officially my co-pilot. “Go that way, Mommy.” “Sit down, Mommy.” “Try this, Mommy.” I went out for a “social interview” and she told me “Be careful, Mommy.” And then she stayed up waiting to make sure I came home safe at 10:30 pm. She is running, spinning, dancing and she’s informed me that she is going to fly helicopters. “Andromeda fly helicopter. Mommy fly airplane.” And she’s actually pretty good at RC helicopters. I took her to an event at the school and she beat out all the kids and me by sailing her helicopter 10 feet down the course. I couldn’t get off the ground.

She is also getting really good at saying her name. And yes, she does still stumble over her middle name. She’s got Makanika`eo

down, but the rest is mumbled. Still pretty impressive. We are working

on the potty training, but she’s still not quite ready to do it. Maybe another month and I think we’ll be fully into it. That’ll be fun.

She is a very happy, excited kid who just loves to play. She’s very gentle and gives  hugs and kisses to me const antly. She loves having family around and she loves her  new cousin, Baby Kanoa, who was born at 10lbs 15.75 oz. Yes, my sister has big babies. No C-section. Craziness. My sister is doing well, Kanoa is doing great. He’s not showing any signs of the trouble AJ had, but if he does, it’ll be easier because they’ve already gone through it. He’s a cute sack of potatoes.

I also got her out to the airport a couple times and even once she got to sit in a Gobosh Airplane (Light Sport). I’m pretty sure she was telling her cousin, Khalil how to fly the airplane. She absolutely LOVES being around airplanes. She can point out airport towers now and out of the blue will say, “I wanna go airport.” She i s a very confident, young girl now and is making strides to help out around the house anyway she can. She’s washing vegetables for me, cleaning up, feeding the cats and even trying to drive Mommy’s car. Definitely a happy child.

Okay, that’s ab out all I can put together right now. I’m at the library job hunting. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. I can do a lot of things, not just CADD. I need to find something. Unemployment is not available for me just yet. Can’t apply until April and then I’ll have to wait anyway for 4-6 weeks before anything happens. Oh well. I’m just doing what I need to do. I’ll get there.

As a reminder, you can click on most of the pictures to see them larger. They are linked in from my Facebook page. You can also view the entire Facebook album by clicking here.

Ok. Mahalo for your time. I do hope this new format is working out better for everyone. Please let me

know if anyone is having problems. A hui hou!


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