My Half Cent on the Health Care Debacle

I am for health care and health insurance reform BUT I’m for freedom of choice. I hate being uninsured. I can’t afford to go see a doctor, dentist or fill a prescription.

My view of the problem with insurance is that people need to remember WHY it was created. The reality is it wasn’t really created to be used by everyone. Insurance is designed to pay for that which one is unable to pay for themselves. Life insurance pays for expenses that are left behind after an estate has been monetized. This is why the very wealthy do not and can not get life insurance. They are too wealthy to be insured.

GOOD auto insurance pays for expenses after a deductible up to and including final expenses. Insurance is required on all cars that are not paid in full because if one could afford to pay for damages in the event something happened, it’s  likely the total amount would be paid up front instead of wasting money on financing. However, liability is required because the value of damages to others in the event of negligence can not be predicted.

Health insurance should be required for anyone making under a certain monetary value and it should be AFFORDABLE. (I.E. income sensitive.) Why should it be required? For the same reason auto insurance is required for vehicles used on public roads. When a person has a medical expense they can not afford to pay for they either become sicker thereby raising the cost of care when they are no longer able to ignore it. Or, they receive care, go into debt and create a fiscal void in the system as medical providers try to cover their losses. This is done by increasing the cost of health care for others who are able to pay or have insurance to cover the cost. This leads again to the rise in premiums for insurance as insurance companies try to balance their books.

One way to make insurance affordable is to have it only kick in for expenses beyond that which one could not handle themselves. Responsible people making at least $150,000 a year in a family of less than four, should hopefully be able to handle the cost of general exams and average priced medications without going into debt and therefore not be eligible for $5-$20 co-pays. It might lower costs if they were given a deductible.

Now, I know that this is probably a very simplistic view and in all likelihood is not going to happen. I’ve heard all the arguments about how the “well off” don’t feel they should be penalized, blah blah, blah. Although I do find it interesting no one is screaming about senior citizen discounts or student discounts being offensive to other classes of people.  I don’t claim to have  intimate knowledge of any insurance company policies nor do I claim to have more than a college understanding of economics or legislation.  I do know the only way I’m going to obtain affordable health insurance AT THIS TIME is through an employer. I have found individual health plans that are more appealing than many employer plans and I will likely switch to one when I stabilize because I don’t want my health plan to be contingent upon an employer’s whim.

I do believe the “understanding” of insurance and health care does need to be overhauled. I do not know for a fact that the health care bill will “fix” the issue or make it worse. But I do believe a RE-EVALUATION of what health insurance and health care truly are needs to take place. Until we, as a country, understand what both concepts are and what their intents are, we won’t be able to “fix” the problem. We’ll just continue to yell at each other across a line drawn in the sand until the tide comes in and chases us all to the same side.


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