Some Will Just Never Understand

I stumbled across this blog post in the wake of Senator Reid’s, in my humble opinion, ignorantly racist comments. I was shocked and yet not when I heard what he said in regards to President Obama and his chances of being elected based on his skin tone and vocal intonations. I honestly don’t know whether he meant to be mean spirited or if he simply was unaware that his comments could be hurtful. Like President Obama, I choose to believe they were spoken by someone who was simply sheltered in his beliefs and unaware of the world outside his circle. He has been educated, maybe he learned, maybe he’s too old to learn.

Sometimes the truth really is, some will just never understand. President Obama did all he could do. He accepted the offered apology and moved on. It’s what many of us do everyday but without the apology. Senator Reids remarks were unintelligent and underscore the fact that there is still racism, even if it’s not as in your face as it used to be. The simple fact that someone validates another’s worth by how ethnic they look and/or sound, and that people agree it is a valid point to be discussed is enough testimony to prove it still exists.

But enough of my words. I really wanted to share the writing of Allison Samuels as posted on the Newsweek Blog.

The Ugly Roots of the Light Skin/Dark Skin Divide – January 11, 2010


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