Be Gone 2009, Be kind 2010

It is with great expectation I find myself looking forward to the year 2010.

2009 has been an unpleasant one for me as I wallowed in my post divorce depression and fog. For the majority of the year I struggled with trying to to make the previous 15 years of my life snuff out like a candle while building a foundation for my daughter. I fought to be whole, but simply wasn’t able to in the space I started 2009 in. I had to make some tough choices and as expected, not all of them turned out the way I had hoped. However, now as the year comes to a close, I think I’m finally able to lift my head out of the fog and start taking steps toward my own future again.

In 2009 my only goal was to get away from my ex-husband. In March, I drove across the country to Texas to try to begin anew. That didn’t quite work out the way the tour book promised and I found myself again on the road driving to Colorado. In Colorado, I began to make positive steps toward regaining my future, however I still have a long way to go. I struggled to get my situational awareness back as I began to make a home for my daughter, three cats and I. I reconnected with friends form 20 years ago and  signed up with Twitter. Through the miracle of social media I found a niche of pilots and Avgeeks to help me remember who I am. Surprisingly, I was asked to join the Mile High Flyers Podcasters and the year culminated in an amazing opportunity to fly a commercial jetliner. Z-Force One – I Flew a Big Bird. Yes, 2009 ended with quite the bang and I am ready for 2010.

For 2010, I want to get my finances back under control, be Pilot in Command of an aircraft again, take my daughter back home for a visit and build a savings. If I pursue those goals, I’m sure I’ll find happiness along the way this year.

May 2010 find you also moving forward towards your dreams. My wish for everyone is to find that which makes your heart sing with passion and the path to making your hopes and dreams come true.

Hau`oli Makahiki Hou to all.


About Supovadea

Single Mom, Certified Rocket Scientist & Aerospace Engineer, Private Pilot, Amazon, Dancer, Writer, Eternal Optimist, Survivor, Dreamer, 2,910 NM ENE of where I belong.
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