Why I can NOT sympathize with the Extreme

Again, the “Socially Irresponsible” are screaming & whining like banshees over what they perceive to be an affront to all that is good and green in our great nation. Failure of all acts by any means necessary is what they hail as success. They scream “SOCIALISM,” “UNAMERICAN,” and the most irresponsible one of all “I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!”

Now why would I say that is the most irresponsible? Because it is being used to condone and promote racists beliefs & statements. Freedom of Speech is a right that now all Americans are granted the freedom to exercise. Not too long ago it was not a right afforded to all Americans. But now, everyone has a right to express their anger and disgust at whatever rubs them the wrong way.  I will defend anyone’s right to freedom of speech.

However, I will not throw my lot in with a group that is displaying racially motivated banners & slogans under the guise of “Freedom of Speech.” I can not go to a “Tea Party” or an Republican event where I know I will be met by a grumpy Caucasian man waving a banner emblazoned with “STAY OUT OF MY HEALTH CARE OR I’LL SEND YOU BACK!!” or something just as irresponsible. The blatantly racist intent of this message should offend everyone, but this type of banner is allowed under “Freedom of Speech” and “WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!”

Republican & Tea Party heavy weights condone it’s presence by saying they don’t want to tell people how to think, but they also won’t come out and publicly admonish the sign holder, nor pull him aside quietly & explain how the sign is not appropriate nor welcome at their functions. Instead they choose to condone it’s presence and the sentiment it brings with it, telling others to “lighten up.”

But the questions remain. If it’s not a racist sign, then who does he want to stay out of his healthcare? Who does he want to send back? Where does he want to send him back? And what gives him any authority to make a decision to send anyone anywhere?

Recently on the NBC Nightly News, a story was done regarding the new Republican Party and the role of Tea Partiers with respect to increasing the Republican rolls instead of the Libertarian.  When a Republican Senator from Georgia was asked why he felt the Republican party was not gaining momentum in the “minority” and female demographics he “couldn’t say.” When asked if he felt it might have something to do with the extremely high percentage of white male protesters & the racially charged banners being waved at both Republican & Tea Party functions he said he didn’t feel the events were racial nor that the participants were expressing racial sentiments.

Okay, sure. I’ll give him that. Many at the Tea Parties or Republican rallies are possibly NOT expressing racial views. But everyone there who sees a sign, chants along with a slogan or accepts information with racially sensitive messages is CONDONING racism. By allowing it to continue, unchecked, and spread, they are condoning the act of racism the same as watching a crime occur. Just like the many who watched & joined in while a high school girl was gang raped at a school dance and did nothing about it. They condoned the rape. Either they felt it was a viable and moral act and therefore did not require them to get involved. Or worse. They fear retribution from their constituents and decided to go along with the crowd.

Could it be the Tea Partiers and the Republican party are no more than a clique. The “Crowd.” Just going along with the rest of their group instead of standing up as individuals and telling someone they are being irresponsible in their use of “Freedom of Speech?”

How many times do we hear with Freedom comes great responsibility? Then why can’t the Tea Partiers & Republican’s recognize their tactics are offensive in a divisive way. Does responsibility not apply to them? Are they above the level like the “Crowd” in high school? The rules apply to everyone, but them. Responsibility is for someone else to worry about. For now, they’ll just say and do whatever they feel will get the most press.

No, I can not sympathize with the Right. At this time, they are irresponsible and do not want my support. But they have my pity.


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